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25 Jan
Mercer WebForum: A Turning Point


Our partners at LPL Research recently unveiled their Market Outlook: A Turning Point, which recaps where markets have been over the last six months and what to look for through the first half of 2024.  We are very pleased to have Jeffrey Buchbinder, Chief Equity Strategist at LPL Research joining us to deliver the key highlights from this year's Market Outlook.

We will also be joined by Karen Ireland, Senior Strategist at MFS to discuss successful strategies and the pitfalls to avoid when transferring wealth to the next generation. We are very excited to have Karen share her vast knowledge and expertise on this very important topic.

This is our signature event!! We hope you can attend!!


· Capital Markets review of 2023

· LPL Research's 2024 Market Outlook: A Turning Point

· Timely topics such as inflation, interest rates and geopolitics

· Understanding why wealth transfers often fail

· Developing a plan to avoid common mistakes

· Tips to actively communicate and engage your heirs


Mercer Partners & Jordan Selvin, Sr. Regional Consultant, MFS


Jeffrey Buchbinder, CFA, Chief Equity Strategist at LPL Research

Karen Ireland, CFP®, Senior Strategist at MFS

(MFS is not affiliated with Mercer Partners or LPL Financial)

Date and Time

Thu, Jan 25, 2024

10:00a - 11:30a PST


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