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Family Wealth Advising

Over the years, we have refined the focus of what we do to something we call Family Wealth Advising - that means helping our clients and their families address their specific needs and concerns and prepare for their family transitions.  Those needs and concerns may include: 

Older Adults: 

  • Health & physical - acute and chronic conditions, effects of accidents, housing decisions
  • Psychological & mental - enjoying retirement years, maintaining independence, dealing with depression and other psychological concerns, memory issues
  • Family - relationships with siblings, children and granchildren, family communications
  • Financial - concerns about outliving money, maintaining income requirements, staying ahead of inflation, managing healthcare expenses, minimizing taxes
  • Legal - estate planning issues, healthcare & personal life experiences, how to be remembered, personal & spiritial values*
  • Initial - notification of family & friends, funeral arrangements, immediate financial concerns, other immediate needs.
  • First year - gathering documents, notification of institutions & service providers, asset, account & beneficiary updates, managing finances, estate settlement
  • Longer term - financial & estate planning updates, potential re-marriage, other needs & concerns of older adults
Next Generation
  • Next generation & their spouses - concerns about employment, marriage, finances, planning for retirement
  • Their children - concerns about education, employment, finances, communication
  • Their parents & parents-in-law - financial issues, ability to manage finances, housing decisions, transportation issues, memory issues, communication
*LPL Registered Representatives are not engaged in providing legal advice. Please seek the assistance of a qualified professional.