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Sometimes we plan for change – like retirement or selling a home or a business. Other times, change happens unexpectedly – like the death of a spouse, an unanticipated inheritance or divorce. Whether we see it coming or not, transitions are a part of life. We need to plan for the expected and create a safety net should the unexpected occur.

We help people prepare for and work through life’s transitions and life altering events by offering the following services:

Transition Planning -- When life’s surprises arise and leave you a widow, or divorced or the winner of a lottery

Inheritance Advice -- Coaching when new money comes or old money becomes your responsibility

Self Employment and Business Advice -- Understanding tax laws and business planning to help maximize your success

Investment Selection -- Risk tolerance and time horizons are balanced with your personal goals before a customized portfolio is designed

Portfolio Management -- Ongoing monitoring and reporting coupled with periodic rebalancing to maintain asset allocation levels

Retirement Planning -- Planning and preparation in the critical years right before and after you retire

Estate Planning -- Considering the ones you love and how to leave your legacy

Philanthropy Counsel -- Education in the many different ways you can make a difference in the world