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Are you recently widowed, divorced, remarried or handling an inheritance?

Transitions are a part of life. The help of a professional financial guide allows you to understand your options even during the most difficult of times. Mercer Partners Wealth Managment has developed an approach to effectively guide you from one stage of life to the next. Their counsel can help you to understand your financial challenges and may help you gain control of your financial life with a feeling of security. Mercer Partners Wealth Management has a special connection with women in transition.

Many financial advisors are not prepared to help their clients through these transitional times. In fact, according to studies, 70% of widows fire their financial advisor within one to two years of being widowed*.  Mercer Partners Wealth Management can provide strategies that seek to balance cash flow, preserve your wealth, hedge inflation and minimize your taxes. They can help you with life planning and technical and emotional advice by leveraging specialists and strategic partners.

*Fidelity Investments